Middle Level Navigations DVDs

I am pleased to say our Middle Level Navigations DVDs have just been released.

Middle Level Navigations DVD Cover (Combined Version)

The Middle Level Navigations DVDs are available in our usual three formats:-

  • Popular – like a television programme showing the highlights of the canal
  • Bowcam – a forward facing camera, speeded up for a little fun, showing the whole canal
  • Combined – both Popular and Bowcam in one box for the best of both worlds, saving money and postage.
Middle Level Navigations DVDs.Popular, Bowcam and Combined (left to right).

Joining the Middle Level Navigations through Stanground Lock at Peterborough, we’ll follow the link route through Wittlesey and March to reach the River Great Ouse at Salters Lode. We’ll also see all the other navigations which can be cruised with a narrow boat.

We’ll pass through all the locks and visit the low bridges. See if we fit under the very low Infield’s Bridge on the Twenty Foot River.

The views from the Middle Level Navigations are rather different to those on other waterways, and present a novel experience.

Route covered by the Middle Level Navigations DVDs

The Popular and Combined DVDs each include an information booklet and a fold-out map.

Contents of the Middle Level Navigations Combined DVD. Includes both Popular and Bowcam discs, a fold-out map and an information booklet.

Enjoy these waterways from the comfort of your armchair. These Middle Level Navigations DVDs, or any others from our range of waterway DVDs, are great for planning your cruise, or just for fun.

We also have the Middle Level Navigations Maps which are available to download in both Acrobat (pdf) and Memory-Map (qct) formats.

Middle Level Navigations presentation box (thin DVD size)

The Middle Level Navigations Maps are also available on CD in a presentation box which makes them ideal for giving as a present.

Extract from Middle Level Navigations Maps

You can save 10% by purchasing a Middle Levels Navigations DVD and Map in the same transaction.

Sets of 3 Maps or 3 DVDs

We have three Maps and three DVDs covering the waterways of the Fens.  These are now available in sets of three at discounted prices.

Sets of 3 Maps and set of 3 DVDs

They are still available individually as


These three maps are now available as a set of three Maps saving 25% on the cost of purchasing them individually.  They are available in both Acrobat (pdf) and Memory-Map (qct) Formats, as all my maps are.


These three DVDs are now available as a set of three DVDs saving 15% on the cost of purchasing them individually.  They are available in the same Popular, Bowcam and Combined formats, as the rest of my DVDs are.


If you purchase a set of three Maps and a set of three DVDs at the same time there’s an extra 10% discount, as well as the 25% and 15% discounts described here so that makes them even better value.

If you are cruising to the IWA Festival of Water 2018 at St Neots then these Maps and DVDs will help you plan your journey, and show family and friends where you’ve been afterwards.