Crick Boat Show

We’ve just finished a busy day setting up our stand at the Crick Boat Show.

Our stand at the Crick Boat Show

We’ve moved location, a little, to get a bigger stand this year to celebrate our anniversaries, but we are still on the back row of the Boating Marquee.  We’re now in the centre of the back row, between the fire doors.

It’s 10 years since we started producing DVDs and we’ve produced more than 50 DVDs.

The May issue is the 50th monthly update for our maps and we’ve produced more than 60 different maps.

Our stand at the Crick Boat Show
Our stand at the Crick Boat Show

Everything is in stock and we’ll be very pleased to see you.  Please come and say hello if your are visiting the show – but please try to avoid the very busy middle part of Saturday if you would like a long chat.

If you would like to update your maps to the latest version then we can do it at a discounted price if you bring proof of your earlier purchase.  If you email me in advance ( then I can check my records and calculate the discount ready for you.

Crick Boat Show 2017

The 2017 Crick Boat Show opens on Saturday morning and we’ll be there.  We’ve expanded to our largest ever stand – on a corner near the centre of the main marquee, larger than our 2015 corner stand.  Please come and see us.

Waterway Routes stand at 2015 Crick Boat Show.

The car is looking very full, and and we’ll be setting off early tomorrow morning.  Friday is always a busy day, getting everything set up for a smooth start on Saturday morning.

We’ll have the May 2017 version of all our maps, that’s issue 62, and you can update to the latest version at a discounted price.  If you are doing that it would be very helpful if you can email in advance so we can reserve a copy for you and calculate the discount in advance.

We’ll have our full range of DVDs there too, including this winter’s three new releases, River Wey and Basingstoke Canal DVDs, Kennet & Avon Canal DVDs, River Severn and Gloucester & Sharpness Canal DVDs.

Best of all, there will be special show discounts.  Please visit our stand to enjoy them.

Crick Boat Show 2017 – Friday

We’ve spent a busy day setting up our stand ready for the opening of the Crick Boat Show tomorrow.

We’ve transformed a large pile of boxes etc. which we managed to fit into the car, to our completed stand.

All the boxes etc. which fitted in one car ready to erect our stand
Some of the backboards in place as we start to assemble our stand.
A nearly complete stand.
The completed stand for the Crick Boat Show 2017.

There’s just a few minor bits to set up in the morning before the gates open.  We’re looking forward to meeting you there.

Just across the corridor are our friends at Willow Wren Training, whose stand was complete before ours.

Willow Wren Training’s stand.

Crick 2018

Once again it’s the late spring Bank Holiday and time for the Crick Boat Show.  All this came in one car and we’ve spent the day setting up our stand.

Ready to assemble our stand at the Crick Boat Show 2018
Starting to set up our stand at the Crick Boat Show 2018
Almost completed stand at the Crick Boat Show 2018

We’re looking forward to meeting lots of lovely people during the show.  Please try to avoid the busy middle part of Saturday or Sunday if you’d like a long technical discussion about something.  And, if you’d like an upgrade or update for your maps then please remember to bring details of your previous purchase(s).

Our corner stand is on the middle isle of the main marquee.  I hope we’ll we see you there.