Worcester Bar at Gas Street Basin

Our Waterway Routes narrowboat is passing through Worcester Bar as it leaves the Worcester & Birmingham Canal and enters the Birmingham Canal Navigations Main Line at Gas Street Basin.

When first built the act of Parliament which authorised their construction required them to be separated by a bar and all good had to be transhipped across the bar. Eventually permission was granted for the channel to be constructed through the bar that we use today.

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Deep Cutting Junction

Our Waterway Routes narrowboat is turning onto the Birmingham and Fazeley Canal which is generally considered to start at Deep Cutting Junction these days.

Historically, the section from Deep Cutting Junction to Farmers Bridge Junction (at the top of Farmers Bridge Locks) was built as the Newhall Branch of the Birmingham Canal Navigations (BCN).    Continue reading Deep Cutting Junction

Old Turn Junction

Deep Cutting Junction and Old Turn Junction are often considered as one junction where you can go four ways.

This side of the footbridge, with the signpost on the island, is Deep Cutting Junction where the Birmingham & Fazeley Canal to Fazeley Junction leaves behind the camera. The Birmingham Canal Navigations (BCN) Main Line runs to Gas Street Basin and Worcester Bar to the left.    Continue reading Old Turn Junction

Ladywood Junction

Ladywood Junction is on the Birmingham Canal Navigations (BCN). We are looking along the BCN Main Line towards Old Turn Junction, with Wolverhampton behind the camera.

The Oozells Street Loop, the original route for the canal, leaves under the bridge to the the right and takes a longer route to Old Turn Junction, passing through Sherborne Wharf on its way there.    Continue reading Ladywood Junction

Birmingham Canal Navigations (BCN) Main Line

Cutting off the three loops (Oozells Street, Icknield Port, and Soho) the new Main Line is wide and straight with towpaths along both banks. It must have seemed like a motorway to the old boatmen.

We are looking towards Rotton Park Junction where the bridge crosses the canal. Icknield Square Junction is behind the camera.    Continue reading Birmingham Canal Navigations (BCN) Main Line

Winson Green Toll Island

Immediately on the Wolverhampton side of Winson Green Junction is a toll island. Now grass covered the island provides a channel each side just wide enough for a narrowboat to pass through.

As boats passed through the narrows the toll keepers measured their depth in the water and, using information from their records, could calculate the weight of the cargo and the appropriate toll to be paid.    Continue reading Winson Green Toll Island