Bordesley Junction

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Bordesley Junction.
110421-113811 – SP 08417 86473 – GU-DB 217-300

Looking along the Digbeth Branch of the Grand Union Canal towards Bordersley Junction, with Warwick Bar and Digbeth Junction behind the camera.

The Grand Union Canal’s main line passes under the bridge to the left to reach Salford Junction.  Just right of centre is the bottom lock of the Bordesley Flight on the Grand Union Canal’s route to London.

Salford Junction

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Salford Junction.
181020-083922 – SP 09648 90056 – BAF 05-110

Salford Junction is one of the few junction where you can cruise in four different directions.

The Birmingham & Warwick Junction Canal, part of the Grand Union Canal, leads to Bordesley Junction and eventually, after 221 kilometers (138 miles), the River Thames at Brentford.

The Birmingham & Fazeley Canal passes through the junction on its route from Birmingham to Fazeley, and on to Whittington.

The Tame Valley Canal, part of the Birmingham Canal Navigations, leads to Rushall Junction and on to Tame Valley Canal where it meets the Walsall Canal.

A mischievous person has modified the sign so it shows distances in miles rather than kilometres.