Maidenhead Waterways – Virtual Cruise (VC)

The Maidenhead Waterways run through Maidenhead to the west of the River Thames.  They include the five waterways shown on the map.

Map showing the route of the Maidenhead Waterways.

You can make a virtual cruise (VC) along the part of these waterways from the comfort of your armchair. Just select your starting point below, then click the next buttons to move along the waterway.

The very northern section of the Maidenhead Ditch and the White Brook aren’t yet covered by a virtual cruise.

Junction of Moor Cut with York Stream and Maidenhead Ditch

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Moor Cut
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Junction of Moor Cut with York Stream and Maidenhead Ditch.
181106-130247 – SU 89184 81607 – THAMES-MC 093-860

To the north of Maidenhead the Moor Cut meets the York Stream which has followed a more easterly route through the centre of Maidenhead since the channels split to the south of the centre.

The Moor Cut is to the right of the carved tree stump and is largely dry.  The York stream passes to the left of the tree stump.

Straight ahead, to the north, the channels combine to form the Maidenhead Ditch.

River Thames Junction

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Bray Cut
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Junction of Bray Cut with the River Thames.
181106-111120 – SU 91685 78629 – THAMES-BC 089-350

The River Thames flows from right to left across the photograph which is taken from the eastern bank around 3.5km (2.2 miles) south (downstream) from Maidenhead.

To the right of the boatyard, a pair of posts mark the entrance to the Bray Cut which leads to Maidenhead, to the west of the River Thames.