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MAPs by Download or Post

Maps by Download

All the maps are available for download, except for the England & Wales maps which are only available on DVD as they are too large to download.

You will receive an email with the download link(s) shortly after making payment.

Usually this occurs within minutes of making your payment.

Occasionally it may take several hours if PayPal are slow telling us you have made a payment.

The link(s) will be valid for 48 hours after issue.

You can email to ask for an extension to the time limit if needed.

Maps by Post on CD

Sometimes it is nice to have the map on CD.

A Christmas, birthday or personal gift which can be wrapped and handed over as a tangible item is often better than a download link. The CD makes a useful backup too.

For just £1 (plus postage) we will copy the latest version of the map onto CD and put it in a thin DVD sized case with a printed cover.

We will usually dispatch the CD within 48 hours of ordering.

You will also receive the download link(s) by email. You can ignore the links if you only want the CD.