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Napton Junction - Braunston Turn

The Route

The Route

This section of the Oxford Canal runs from Napton Junction to Braunston Turn

It is 8.20 km (5.10 miles) long with no locks.

Ref: 130328 1701

Napton Junction to Braunston Turn

Napton Junction to Braunston Turn

Nearly five files of lock free cruising will lead us to Braunston Turn. Constructed as part of the Oxford this section of our route was incorporated into the route from London to Birmingham along what we now call the Grand Union Canal. Constructed as a narrow canal the Grand Union Canal was later widened with some straightening of the section we are now travelling along to handle the increased traffic.

Lower Shuckburgh: Bridge 104

A five minute walk from bridge 104 following the lane to its junction with the main road. On the right is the pretty 19th century Victorian church. In front of you is a spreading chestnut tree, sheltering the village stocks. A good photo opportunity. AE.

Being a popular part of the canal network there are usually many post to pass, either cruising in the opposite direction or moored in one of the many quiet locations along the route. Either way, the frequent slowing to pass them means you need to allow longer to cruise this section than you might expect.

Braunston Church Spire provides a useful landmark, almost directly ahead of as we cruise along Braunston Puddle Banks, the embankment where the route was straightened many years ago to reach the attractive triangular junction knows as Braunston Turn. The two bridges carrying the towpath across the junction, forming early examples of mass production techniques, must be amongst the most photographed bridges on the canal network.

Ref: 130328 1702

Key Features

Zero point for the table is at Sheepwash Channel Junction with the River Thames.

Km       Miles    Hours   FeatureDescriptionInformation     Grid Reference 
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79.0049.0925.5NAPTON JUNCTIONJunction with the Grand Union Canal SP 46833 62475
79.9549.6825.7Bridge 108Nimrod Bridge 108 SP 47720 62538
80.8650.2425.8Bridge 107A425 Shuckburgh Road Bridge 107 SP 48556 62620
81.2650.4925.9Bridge 105Footbridge 105 SP 48892 62799
81.4650.6225.9Bridge 104Jackson's Bridge 104 SP 49086 62850
82.3551.1726.1Bridge 103New Bridge 103 SP 49865 63249
83.4151.8326.3Bridge 102Flecknow Road Bridge 102 SP 50513 64068
84.1452.2826.5Bridge 101Nethercote Bridge 101 SP 51080 64378
84.9752.8026.6Bridge 100Chambers Bridge 100 SP 51342 65013
85.2652.9826.7Bridge 99  SP 51578 65158
86.0153.4426.8Bridge 98  SP 52290 65357
86.3153.6326.9Bridge 97  SP 52565 65483
86.8053.9427.0Aqueduct 96  SP 52957 65772
87.0654.1027.0Bridge 95  SP 53161 65928
87.1754.1627.0BRAUNSTON WEST JUNCTIONJunction with the Grand Union Canal SP 53245 65997
87.2054.1827.0BRAUNSTON NORTH JUNCTIONJunction with the Grand Union Canal SP 53258 66026
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Ref: 130328 1703