New Blog Started

After several attempt to integrate the blog with my website I’ve decided to revert to a standard WordPress blog.  That should make publishing a little easier and, perhaps, a little more frequent.

We’re our home mooring at Sherborne Wharf for a week or two, before setting off again to the north Oxford Canal – but more of that nearer the time.

Waterway Routes moored on our Home Mooring at Sherborne Wharf
Home Mooring at Sherborne Wharf

We’ve finished our main summer cruise and we’re busy updating the maps with the changes found during the past month and starting to edit the DVDs filmed during the summer.

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  1. Kevin Too says:

    WOW, what a difference on both your blog and website 🙂

    You have been busy and it shows, everything is displayed in a very crisp & clear layout. It works for me, congratulations 🙂

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