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Union Canal Virtual Cruise (VC)

Choose your starting point (from the links below), then keep clicking the next button for your virtual cruise (VC) along the Union Canal.

Falkirk Junction

Falkirk Junction, where the Union Canal diverges from the Forth & Clyde Canal, with the Falkirk Wheel in the background.

Golden Jubilee Lock

The photo is taken from the top of the Falkirk Wheel and shows …

Falkirk Wheel

Seen part way through a rotation, this is how the Falkirk Wheel appears from below.

Falkirk Wheel Illuminations

Sunset behind the Falkirk Wheel before the illuminations are switched on – and showing the illuminations later.

Top of the Falkirk Wheel

Following the trip boat onto the upper level of the Falkirk Wheel.

Rough Castle Tunnel

Approaching Rough Castle Tunnel from the upper level of the Falkirk Wheel. The tunnel is …

Seagull Trust Cruises, Falkirk

The Barr Seagull is one of the boats for Seagull Trust Cruises which offers …

Falkirk Tunnel

Approaching the northern end of Falkirk Tunnel which is 636m (696 yards) long.

Laughin and Greetin Bridge

Laughin” and “Greetin” refer to the laughing and crying faces on the keystones on each side of the bridge. On the west side …

Linlithgow Canal Centre

The Linlithgow Canal Centre is run by volunteers with a tea room, museum, and boat trips.

Niddry Castle

The man-made shale bing wasn’t there when Niddry Castle was built around 1500. Mary Queen of Scots …

Almond Aqueduct

The Almond Aqueduct is 130m (142 yards) long and carries the Union Canal 23m (75 feet) above the River Almond.

Shale Bings

The pink coloured “mountains” are the waste heaps for the shale which was mined nearby and from which …

Ratho Canal Model

Alongside the towpath at Ratho is this lovely model canal.

Larger Than Life Frog

Sitting alongside the towpath in Wester Hailes on the outskirts of Edinburgh is this large than life frog sculpture.

Leamington Lift Bridge

Leamington Lift Bridge has been re-sited from its original location on the now abandoned final length of the Union Canal in Edinburgh. The bridge lift vertically for boats to pass underneath while …

Edinburgh Quay

The Union Canal finishes at Edinburgh Quay now, although it was originally …