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Flood Barrier on the River Foss at York

Looking upstream along the River Foss in York, towards the large structure for the Flood Barrier. The barrier is closed during floods to stop …

The basin and Castle Mills Lock in York

Entering the basin above the flood barrier on the River Foss in York. The basin curves to the right towards Castle Mills Lock.

Emptying Castle Mills Lock

Castle Mills Lock, the only lock on the River Foss, is operated by volunteers from the IWA (Inland Waterways Association) and must be booked well in advance.

Opening the bottom gates on Castle Mills Lock

One of the volunteers putting the large windlass onto the winding mechanism ready to open the bottom gate on Castle Mills Lock on the River Foss in York.

Ascending Castle Mills Lock in York

Keeping well back in Castle Mills Lock as the volunteers from the IWA (Inland Waterways Association) operate the lock for us to take our Waterway Routes narrowboat through.

Wormalds Cut

We will keep left where the short arm known as Wormalds Cut diverges to the right alongside the wedge shaped building with the tall end tower.

Reaching the practical limit of navigation

This is as far as we could navigate upstream. A fallen tree, not visible under water in the photo, blocks our progress. We have covered over 2.5km out of the possible 3.1km (1.6 miles out of 1.9 miles).

Navigation isn’t practical

Low overhanging trees would make navigation impossible for a narrowboat

Limit of Navigation on the River Foss in York

A pipe crosses the River Foss just above water level and forms the limit of navigation, around 3.13 kilometres or 1.95 miles from the junction with the River Ouse.