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Autherley Junction

At Autherley Junction the Staffs and Worcester Canal passes straight past between its junction with the River Severn at Stourport, and its junction with the Trent & Mersey Canal at Great Haywood Junction.

Aldersley Junction

We’re looking at Aldersley Junction from the end of the Main Line of the Birmingham Canal Navigations (BCN).

The Staffs & Worcester Canal passes across the

Approaching Aldersley Junction

Looking along the Staffs & Worcester Canal, with Great Haywood Junction behind the camera. The left turn onto the Birmingham Canal Navigations at Autherley Junction is

Tree Lined Cutting

The short section of the Staffs & worcester Canal between Aldersley Junction and Autherley Junction passes through a tree lined cutting which restricts the views.

Many Bridges

Where the canal passes through a cutting there are many bridges of varying ages and styles carry the roads and railways, with several pipe bridges too.

Approaching Autherley Junction

Approaching Autherley Junction from the South West. The oncoming red boat is starting to turn right to pass under the towpath bridge as it enters the Shropshire Union Canal.

Hatherton Junction

At Hatherton Junction the Staffs & Worcester Canal passes across the foreground of the photo, with Great Haywood Junction to the left and Stourport to

Stafford Riverway Link Junction

There is no junction here today. The River Sow used to be navigable into Stafford and restoration is proposed to create the Stafford Riverway Link.

The sign is sponsored by

Great Haywood Junction

The finger sign shows the way at Great Haywood Junction.

The Trent & Mersey Canal runs straight past the junction on its way from the River Trent near Shardlow and through the Potteries to Preston Brook.