Grand Union Canal (All) Maps

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  1. Nik Clarke says:

    Hi – Great service and thank you
    Can you confirm if i purchase a digital map it mentions keeping up to date – if i purchase the .qct then how long do i get the map updates for?
    Kind regards

    • Paul says:

      I produce monthly updates which are issued around the middle of each month which include any changes I know about by the first of that month.

      When you order a map the download link will be valid for 6 months so you can download any (or all) of the updates issued during the 6 months after purchase.

      After 6 months you can update at a discounted price which is calculated based on the number of months since purchase at 2% of the normal price per month. For example, if you wish to update after 10 months the cost will be 20% of the normal price. Just ask for a discount code when you wish to update and that will get you another 6 months of updates.

      Thank you for your interest in my maps.

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