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Virtual Cruise along the Ashton Canal

You can make a virtual cruise (VC) along the canal from the comfort of your armchair. Just select your starting point below, then click the next buttons to move along the canal.

Ducie Street Junction

Looking along the Rochdale Canal at Ducie Street Junction, with the Pennines behind the camera and the Rochdale Nine Locks leading to Castlefield Junction heading to the upper right of the photo.

Ducie Street Junction

The Ashton Canal, at the lower left of the photo, meets the Rochdale Canal, running across the width of photo, at Ducie Street Junction.

Near Ducie Street Junction

Looking backwards along our boat when we after emerging from under the building after leaving Ducie Street Junction and heading up the Ashton Canal.

Beswick Top Lock 7

The Ashton Canal climbs through 18 locks between Ducie Street Junction and Fairfield Junction on its way out of Manchester. This is Lock 7, the top of four locks in the Beswick Flight.

Clayton Junction

Looking along the Ashton Canal towards Manchester to Clayton Junction where the abandoned Stockport Canal once passed under the towpath bridge on its way to Stockport.

Yew Tree Swing Bridge 14

Yew Tree Swing Bridge 14 which was normally closed in 2010 when the photo was taken and had to be opened by boaters to let their boat through. By 2018 this had changed so the swing bridge was normally open.

Fairfield Top Lock 18

Fairfield Top Lock 18, the last of the eighteen locks on the Ashton Canal as it climbs out of Manchester. Fairfield Junction with the abandoned Hollinwood Canal is immediately above the locks.

Fairfield Junction

Fairfield Junction sits immediately above Fairfield Top Lock 16. The Hollinwood Canal once ran straight ahead where the short remaining arm is now used for a marina.

Dukinfield Junction

Looking along the Ashton Canal at Dukinfield Junction, with Manchester behind the camera. The Peak Forest Canal leaves under the bridge to the right on its way to Marple, Whaley Bridge and Bugsworth Basin.