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Forth & Clyde Canal – Virtual Cruise

Choose your starting point (from the links below), then keep clicking the next button for your virtual cruise (VC) along the Forth & Clyde Canal and the Glasgow Branch.

Bowling Basin

Bowling Basin at the western end of the Forth & Clyde Canal where …

Views from the Glasgow Branch

There are great views across the Glasgow skyline from the Glasgow Branch as it enters the city.

Ferry Road Swing Bridge

Ferry Road Swing Bridge once carried vehicles to the ferry across the River Clyde. Now vehicles cross the river on the Erskine Bridge, seen in the background, which is

Spiers Wharf

Spiers Wharf near the southern end of the Glasgow Branch of …

Dalmuir Drop Lock

Dalmuir Drop Lock was created when the canal was restored so boats could …

Sylvania Way Lift Bridges

Two lifting bridges are operated one at a time so pedestrians always have a route across the canal, although …

Linnvale Bascule Bridge

Both halves of bascule bridges are manually wound up by a member of the waterways staff on each side.

Boghouse Lock 35

Approaching Boghouse Lock 35, the third of the four locks in this flight.

Boghouse Lock 34

Most of the locks don’t have bywashes so water often flows over the gates to keep the pounds downstream topped up.

Boghouse Lock 34

The steerer must be careful to keep the boat touching, or at least …

Boghouse Lock 33

Leaving Boghouse Lock 33 as we head downstream towards Bowling.

Bard Avenue Bascule Bridge

One of the waterways staff on each side wind the two halves of the bascule bridges up as we approach.

Netherton Swing Bridge

Unlike the bascule bridges, Netherton Swing Bridge can be operated by just one person. In this case a …

Stockingfield Junction

Stockingfield Junction is where the Glasgow Branch leaves the main line of the Forth & Clyde Canal as it heads southwards towards Glasgow.

Forth & Clyde Canal Society

The Forth & Clyde Canal Society run tip boats along the canal from their base near Glasgow Road Bridge 21.

Wee Spark

The Wee Spark is a one-third sized replica of a Clyde Puffer with its name a play on the “Vital Spark” Clyde Puffer which …

Marjorie Seagull

The Marjorie Seagull is one of several trip boats operated by the volunteers of the Seagull Trust cruises providing …

Hillhead Swing Bridge

Once a lift bridge, Hillend Swing Bridge is now …

Twechar Lift Bridge

Twechar Lift Bridge stays level as it rises on hydraulic jacks at each corner when it’s opened for boats to pass through.

Auchinstarry Marina

Auchinstarry Marina on the Forth & Clyde Canal.

Bonnybridge Lifting Bridge

The four hydraulic jacks at the corners raise Bonnybridge Lifting Bridge for boats to pass underneath.

Falkirk Junction

Falkirk Junction, where the Union Canal diverges from the Forth & Clyde Canal, with …

Falkirk Swing Footbridge

A pedestrian footbridge near the Falkirk Wheel and Hire Base is a very busy route used by many of the visitors to the Falkirk Wheel.

Passing the Dredger

We passed the dredger just below Railway Bridge 5 on the Forth & Clyde Canal.

Carron Cut Lock 3

Carron Cut Lock 3 is a new lock built on the new Carron Cut created when the canal was restored and the original route had been built over.

Carron Basin

The locals are keeping an eye on us as we arrive in Carron Basin where the Forth & Clyde Canal meets the River Carron.

Kelpies at Carron Basin

Kelpies standing near the eastern end of the Forth & Clyde Canal.

Next to the M8 motorway in Glasgow

The restored and re-routed Glasgow Branch runs next to the M8 Motorway where the noise from the traffic is much too loud to …

Craighall Road Lock under construction

Craighall Road Lock, shown here when under construction, is at the southern end of the Glasgow Branch.which lifts boats up to …