Category: Oozells Street Loop Photos (BCN)

Old Turn Junction

Deep Cutting Junction and Old Turn Junction are often considered as one junction where you can go four ways.

This side of the footbridge, with the signpost on the island, is Deep Cutting Junction where the Birmingham & Fazeley Canal to Fazeley Junction leaves behind the camera.

Old Turn Junction

Looking along the Oozells Street Loop towards Old Turn Junction which is immediately beyond the turquoise coloured bridge. Deep Cutting Junction is immediately beyond that.

Beyond that bridge the Birmingham Canal Navigations (BCN) Main Line leads to Gas Street Basin and Worcester Bar on the right, and Wolverhampton on the left.

Oozells Street Loop

With Old Turn Junction behind the camera we are looking along the Oozells Street Loop. In the distance is Sheepcote Street Bridge.

Beyond the bridge is Sherborne Wharf. All moorings there are part of the marina but it’s possible to cruise straight through the loop to reach Ladywood Junction.

Sheepcote Street Bridge

Sheepcote Street Bridge leads to Sherborne Wharf Marina, and through that along the Oozells Street Loop to Ladywood Junction.

The red panels in the bridge are doors which can be opened by the Fire Service to put their hoses through to take water from the canal. They are present on many bridges in the Birmingham Area.

Sherborne Wharf Marina

Sherborne Wharf Marina occupies the centre and western sections of the Oozells Street Loop. All the moorings are private, but it’s possible to cruise straight through, between Old Turn Junction and Ladywood Junction.

In the centre of the picture is our Waterway Routes narrowboat on its home mooring where it spends much of the winter. In the summer we are out cruising as we check the data for our maps, and film for our DVDs.

Sherborne Wharf Marina

The view from our Waterway Routes narrowboat on its home mooring in Sherborne Wharf Marina.

Ladywood Junction is just out of sight where the Oozells Street Loop curves to the left.

Ladywood Junction

Our Waterway Routes narrowboat is about the leave Sherborne Wharf Marina on the Oozells Street Loop of the Birmingham Canal Navigations (BCN).

Under the bridge is Ladywood Junction where the Oozells Street Loop meets the Birmingham Canal Navigations (BCN) Main Line. Wolverhampton is almost straight ahead at this shallow angle junction.

Ladywood Junction

Ladywood Junction is on the Birmingham Canal Navigations (BCN). We are looking along the BCN Main Line towards Old Turn Junction, with Wolverhampton behind the camera.

The Oozells Street Loop, the original route for the canal, leaves under the bridge to the the right and takes a longer route to Old Turn Junction, passing through Sherborne Wharf on its way there.