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Southern End of the Coventry Canal

The southern end of the Coventry Canal ends in a basin to the north of the city where a …

Coventry Basin

Coventry Basin is surrounded by a mixture of traditional and modern developments. …

Exit from the Basin

Looking northwards from Drapers Fields Bridge 1 at the basin entrance the towpath starts on …

Waterside Developments

The canal passes through a mixture of mostly urban surroundings on its way out of Coventry.

Cash’s Weavers’ Cottages

Cash’s are probably know to many for their production of name tapes to be sown into …

Milepost 2 25

The milepost shows the numbers 2 and 25. It’s placed …

Bridge Designs

Many of the bridges are of traditional hump-back design, but some modern ones are …

Original Hawkesbury Junction

Taken from Longford Bridge 10 this photo shows the original site of what we now call …

Hawkesbury Junction

Looking generally northwards along the Coventry Canal at Hawkesbury Junction where …

Cruising Past Hawkesbury Junction

Cruising northwards along the Coventry Canal passing the wide arched bridge over the entrance to the Oxford Canal at Hawkesbury Junction.

Footbridge and Pumping Station

Looking northwards from Hawkesbury Junction where the footbridge over the narrows stands next to …

Complete Greenery

Just 10km (6 miles) from Coventry and we’ve lost sight of many landmarks to identify our position.

Marston Junction

Looking along the Ashby Canal which leaves the Coventry Canal at Marston Junction.

Telegraph Pole

Probably the most photographed telegraph pole in the country. There would have been …

Hartshill Depot

Positioned on the offside of the canal at Hartshill this depot would once have been …

Ascending Atherstone Locks

Entering Atherstone Bottom Lock 11 as we starts our ascent of the Atherstone Flight.

Below Atherstone Bottom Lock 11

Even before reaching Atherstone Bottom Lock 11 the canal is out into open countryside.

Swing Bridge 50A

The narrows mark the position of former Swing Bridge 50A. The remains of the bridge can …

Glascote Basin

Similar views with some of the same boats but those in the winter won’t be going far.

Glascote Locks

Glascote Locks are extremely slow to fill so

Glascote Bottom Lock

Leaving the last of the thirteen locks on the Coventry Canal on this northbound journey.

Fazeley Junction

Leaving the Coventry Canal at Fazeley Junction where …

Whittington Boundary Stone

The end on junction of the Birmingham and Fazeley Canal and the Coventry Canal at Whittington is marked with a boundary stone.

Bridge 78 on the Coventry Canal

This is the first bridge on the Coventry Canal just north of the end-on junction with the Birmingham & Fazeley Canal at Whittington and …

Bridges 79 and 81

Most of the original bridges on the Coventry Canal still show

Lichfield Cruising Club

The Lichfield Cruising Club’s premises are based at …

Huddlesford Junction

The Wyrley and Essington Canal, part of the Birmingham Canal Navigations (BCN), once linked Huddlesford Junction to …

Huddlesford Junction

Looking towards Huddlesford Junction from the Fradley Junction side. The Lichfield Canal diverges to the right before

Coventry Canal Bridges

Most of the original bridges on the Coventry Canal between Huddlesford Junction and Fazeley Junction are …

Streethay Marina

The Coventry Canal passes Streethay Marina between …

Fradley Swing Bridge

Next to Fradley Junction is a swing footbridge. It’s very light and …

Fradley Junction

The Swan, known to many as the “Mucky Duck” is straight ahead at Fradley Junction.