Category: Spon Lane Branch Photos (BCN)

Spon Lane Junction

Spon Lane Junction is where the Spon Lane Branch diverges from the Old Main Line of the Birmingham Canal Navigations.

Above Spon Lane Top Lock

Waiting at Spon Lane Junction for Spon Lane Top Lock to fill.

Spon Lane Top Lock 1

Spon Lane Top Lock 1 has an unusual bridge which is built in two cantilevered halves to create a gap in the middle to pass the tow rope through.

Spon Lane Middle Lock 2

The three locks on the Spon Lane Branch all have single top gates and double bottom gates.

Spon Lane Middle Lock 2

Looking down the Spon Lane Branch from Middle Lock 2 to Bottom Lock 3.

Spon Lane Bottom Lock 3

Entering Spon Lane Bottom Lock 3. Immediately below the lock is Bromford Junction where the New Main Line is just visible.