Category: Gower Branch Photos (BCN)

Albion Junction

The New Main Line of the Birmingham Canal Navigations passes Albion Junction between Birmingham and Wolverhampton.

Looking towards Albion Junction

Looking along the Gower Branch towards Albion Junction where it meets the New Main Line. The railway runs parallel to the New Main Line on the far bank.

Brades Bottom Lock 3

The bottom lock on the Gower Branch is a single lock, with single top and bottom gates. Albion Junction with the New Main Line is just available in the distance. The upper locks are behind the camera.

Brades Staircase Locks 1 & 2

Brades Locks 1 and 2 form a staircase, the only staircase on the Birmingham Canal Navigations. In staircase locks the top gate of the lower lock forms the bottom gate of the upper lock and the boat can move between the locks when the water is level.

Looking towards Brades Hall Junction

Looking from Brades Top Lock 1 towards Brades Hall Junction with the Old Main Line. Turn left for Birmingham or right for Wolverhampton.

Brades Hall Junction

At Brades Hall Junction the Old Main Line of the Birmingham Canal Navigations (BCN) runs from Birmingham (behind the camera) to Wolverhampton (straight ahead).