Leeds (and Liverpool?)

We’ve been cruising around the Yorkshire waterways to check the map data is up to date, especially those waterways without towpaths which I can’t cycle to check that way.

Now we’re moored in the Basin at Leeds ready to start filming the Leeds and Liverpool Canal tomorrow (Monday) if the forecast rain keeps away long enough, otherwise on Tuesday which has forecast sunshine.

Waterway Routes moored in Leeds Basin.

Severe restrictions on lock opening times to save water during the prolonged dry spell mean we will have to be careful with our timings.  We need to make sure we reach the junction at Wigan within two weeks before the canal is closed completely.

Then we’ll need to pause somewhere while we wait for the collapsed culvert to be repaired on the way into Liverpool.  I just hope that’s completed on time as we can’t wait too long before heading south to meet other commitments.

We’re aiming to take two days to reach the top of Bingley Five Rise and complete the many staircase locks out of Leeds – that’s by Tuesday evening (or Wednesday evening if the rain delays our departure).

Please give a big wave if you see us – you might appear in the next Leeds & Liverpool DVD.

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