Postage Increases

Royal Mail are increasing their postage rates from 1st January 2021. I’ve absorbed their annual increases since 2017 but I can’t absord this fourth increase as well.

Generic Postage Stamp

The postage charges vary depending on where the order is being sent and how many items are being sent. There is a postage charge for the first item, then an extra charge for each additional item. Combined DVDs count as 1 item. For example, ordering 3 items would incur 1 initial charge plus 2 additional charges. Any postal orders from 1st January 2021 will have the following postage charges applied.

Postage Charges from From 1 January 2021

Postage Charge
From 01-01-21
For the
first item
For each
additional item
UK£2.50+ £1.00
Europe£5.00+ £2.00
Rest of World£7.50+ £3.00

If you wish to benefit from the current postage rates then please order by 31st December 2020.

Note: Maps which are ordered for download only are not affected as they don’t incurr any postage charges and the email with the download links is normally sent within a few seconds of ordering so you don’t have to wait for post to arrive.

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