Lapal Canal (Restoration) Maps – FREE

Free Maps

Great Maps.

These are my free maps covering the Lapal Canal.

Download these free maps (from the links at the end) to see how good my maps are, and to check you can install them on your device(s).

All the maps in my range are produced in this clear style showing the information you need for cruising, and helping with walking or cycling too.

They are all available to download in a choice of Acrobat (pdf) and Memory‑Map (qct) formats.

Clear Maps

Extract from my Lapal Canal Maps.

Clear presentation shows the Locks, bridges, and aqueducts etc. superimposed on an Ordnance Survey (OS) background map. Download the key to see the features which appear on the maps.

Route Covered

Route covered by my Lapal Canal Maps.

My free Lapal Canal maps cover the route shown in orange including:-

  • Lapal Canal

Map Formats

The Lapal Canal Maps are available in a choice of two formats:-

Printout A4 or A5

The Acrobat (pdf) map includes 2 pages of maps plus 5 cover pages. These can be viewed on screen a page at a time.

The pages are sized for printing A4, or A5 if your eyesight is good enough.

This map can be used on computers, laptops, phones and tablets with Acrobat Reader (or equivalent) software or app installed.

Example Map
Laptop or Computer

The Memory-Map (qct) map has the same map pages joined into one scrollable and zoomable map.

Example Map Phone or Tablet

This map works on Android, iPhone/iPad, Windows and Mac with Memory‑Map (or equivalent) software or app installed, and the classic map compatibility option enabled.


Please read more about installing each of the map formats, and the software or apps you will need to install:-

The maps are licenced and free for personal use.  Business licences are available on request.

Copyright in the background maps is held by Ordnance Survey.  Copyright in all other work is held by Waterway Routes.  The maps should not be copied or distributed without permission except for the limited circumstances permitted by law.


The Lapal Canal also appears in:-


Please use these links to download and save my free Lapal Canal Maps:-

The file sizes to download are approximately:

  • Acrobat (pdf) version 11Mb.
  • Memory‑Map (qct) 3Mb

2 Responses

  1. Steve says:

    I was looking for some details on the proposed new route for the canal so I could put it into Canalplan.

    This is exactly what I was looking for

    • Paul says:

      Steve: Please remember the information on my maps is covered by copyright and shouldn’t be used to populate CanalPlan. I’ve put hours of work into researching and walking the routes. I don’t expect that effort to taken without permission for another use. If you email me ( I’m sure we can come to some agreement.

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