Hidden but not Lost

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Hidden but not lost
Hidden but not lost

The bottom pair of staircase locks originally linked to the River Mersey, then linked to the Manchester Ship Canal after its construction.  The trees mark the centre line of the top lock of the staircase which is protected from significant development so restoration will be possible.

Waterway and Kilometerage BRIDGEW 45.875
OS Grid Reference SJ 50474 83105
Date and Time 151229 091908
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One Reply to “Hidden but not Lost”

  1. We watched this area being vandalised when the ‘landscaping was done. The developers ruined the still intact canal sides, portions of which can be seen, having been wrenched out and used as ‘features’.
    We have also been told that reinstatement here is not viable due to the closeness of the apartment buildings. How true this is, we do not know, but the canal wall would be very close, particularly to Adamson House.

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