Category: Caldon Canal Photos

Etruria Junction

Looking south on the Trent & Mersey canal which continues straight ahead through the lock where the Caldon Canal …

James Brindley

James Brindley Statue near the start of the Caldon Canal at Etruria Junction.

Etruria in the Autumn

Cruising above the staircase locks at Etruria with the first hint of Autumn colours in the trees.

Ivy House Lift Bridge 11

The first lift bridge on the Caldon Canal is the power operated Ivy House Lift Bridge 11.

Norton Green Lift Bridge 21

Norton Green Lift Bridge is manually operated by the crew winding it up and down using a lock windlass.

Long Butts Lift Bridge 23

Cruising through Long Butts Lift Bridge 23 on the Caldon Canal after the crew have wound it open with a lock windlass.

Stockton Brook Locks

The crew are preparing Stockton Brook bottom lock 5 ready for our ascent.

Stockton Brook Artwork

Rather unusual modern artwork sits alongside Stockton Brook Lock 6. I wonder what the old boatmen would have thought of this.

Obstruction at Endon

The central pier of a long gone swing bridge still sits in the centre of the channel with a marker to alert the steerer.

Looking under Doles Bridge 27

Immediately after Doles Bridge 27 the canal turns to the right with the arm straight ahead holding moored boats and appearing to be the main route to catch out steerers who haven’t been checking the map.

Endon Countryside

The countryside becomes increasingly attractive as we leave the city of Stoke on Trent behind.

Hazlehurst Views

Passing through the lovely countryside near Hazlehurst.

Hazlehurst Junction

Continuing straight ahead at Hazlehurst Junction along the main line of the Caldon Canal towards Froghall where the Leek Branch diverges to our right.

Hazlehurst Junction

Signpost at Hazlehurst Junction where the Leek Branch diverges from the main line of the Caldon Canal.

Hazlehurt Junction

Looking towards Froghall along the main line of the Caldon Canal which descend through three locks immediately after Hazlehurst Junction.

Cheddleton Top Lock 13

The upper of the two locks at Cheddleton has a plinth (on the right of the photo) marking the re-opening of the canal on 28th September 1974.

Oakmeadow Ford Lock

Below Oakmeadow Ford Lock the canal uses the River Churnet for its route which and the sign to the right of the lock warns boaters of the dangers of using this when in flood.

Consall Signal Box

The railway, now preserved, and the Caldon Canal are squeezed side by side as they pass through the same valley near the River Churnet.

Froghall Wharf

Froghall Wharf is at the end of the Caldon Canal.

Froghall Tunnel Warning Sign

At Flint Mill Lock the sign warns boaters about Froghall Tunnel which has such restricted headroom that many boats will not fit through. There is a gauge at …

Flint Mill Lock Gauge

The gauge below Flint Mill Lock shows the profile of Froghall Tunnel so boaters will know if they will fit through …

Cherry Eye Bridge 53

Cherryeye Bridge 53 has an unusually shaped arch. The name “Cherryeye” is said to come from …

Froghall Tunnel

Entering the exceptionally low profile Froghall Tunnel on the Caldon Canal.

Froghall Junction

This milepost stands next to Froghall Junction where the Uttoxeter Canal leaves the main line of the Caldon Canal.

Froghall Works

Froghall Works near the end of the Caldon Canal.

End of Navigation at Froghall

This is taken from the end of the Caldon Canal at Froghall, just after the junction with the Uttoxeter Canal which is …

Hazlehurst Locks

Between Hazlehurst Junction and Hazlehurst Aqueduct the main line and Leek Branch of the Caldon Canal

Leek Branch Cottages

Occasional buildings come close to the Leek Branch of the Caldon Canal.

Leek Tunnel

Approaching the South West portal of Leek Tunnel.

End of the Leek Branch

The Leek Branch of the Caldon Canal now ends around 1.5km (1 mile) from the centre of Leek. It once …