Ogley Junction

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Anglesey Branch
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Wyrley & Essington Canal
Ogley Junction.
070908-100952 – SK 04989 04828 – BCN-WAEC 45-300

Ogley Junction is, today, considered the end of the Wyrley & Essington Canal which runs from Wolverhampton.

The Anglesey Branch runs from Ogley Junction to Anglesey Basin.

The third leg from the junction is being restored as the Lichfield Canal through to Huddlesford Junction on the Coventry Canal.

If you look carefully the sign has the word “being” bolted on as a temporary addition which can be removed when restoration is complete.

BCN Bradley Arm – Virtual Cruise (VC)

The Bradley Arm is the name now given to what was once a long meandering loop of the Birmingham Canal Navigations (BCN) Main Line, known as the Wednesbury Oak Loop, leaving the current Main Line at Deepfields Junction and re-joining at Bloomfield Junction, near Factory Junction.

The loop was severed many years ago with only the section between Deepfields Junction and Bradley Workshops remaining.  It was kept open to allow access to Bradley Workshops, where lock gates are manufactured, and to maintain the water supply from the pumps at Bradley to supply the rest of the BCN.

Route of the Bradley Canal
The Wednesbury Oak Loop links Deepfields Junction to Bradley Workshops

My previous blog post explained the proposals to turn this into a through navigation by reopening abandoned waterways under the name of Bradley Canal.

The Bradley Arm can be cruised, and the towpath is in good condition and can be walked throughout, making a through walk including the route of the proposed Bradley Canal possible.  The whole route is shown in my Bradley Canal map and can be downloaded in both Acrobat (pdf) and Memory-Map (qct) formats and, like all the maps for restoration projects, the Bradley Canal maps are free to download.

Deepfields Junction.
110425-090408 – SO 93967 95011 – BCN-ML 16-130

I’ve made the photos from my recent walk into a virtual cruise, including the through route so you can click through the next buttons to complete your virtual cruise from the comfort of your chair.  Just choose your starting point:-

Deepfields Junction

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Bradley Arm (Wednesbury Oak Loop)
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Main Line
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Deepfields Junction.
110425-090408 – SO 93967 95011 – BCN-ML 16-130

The New Main Line of the Birmingham Canal Navigations runs straight past Deepfields Junction between Birmingham and Wolverhampton.

Once a complete loop, known as the Wednesdbury Oak Loop, the remaining arm, often referred to as the Bradley Arm now only goes as far as Bradley Workshops.