Fazeley Junction

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Fazeley Junction.
100620-150805 – SK 20334 01962 – BAF 24-050

The Birmingham & Fazeley Canal (from Birmingham) enters at the lower right of the photo and continues of the left of the photo to Whittington where it meets the disconnected section of the Coventry Canal end on.

Our Waterway Routes narrowboat is leaving the main section of the Coventry Canal which comes from Coventry.

Whittington Boundary Stone

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Whittington Boundary Stone.
100710-112305 – SK 16624 08356 – BAF 32-850

The end on junction of the Birmingham and Fazeley Canal and the Coventry Canal at Whittington is marked with a boundary stone.

The Birmingham and Fazeley Canal runs to the right, to the centre of Birmingham.

This (disconnected) section of Coventry Canal runs to the left, to Fradley Junction. The main section of the Coventry Canal runs from Fazeley Junction to Coventry.