Memory-Map and their Classic Map Compatibility Licence

You must use Memory-Map’s App to open my maps. My maps are produced using Memory-Map’s “Classic Map (qct)” format which is the only format available for external producers of maps to use with the Memory-Map Apps.

Free Trial

Example laptop and phone.

To use my maps with the Memory-Map App you must have their “Classic Map Compatibility” licence enabled. Initially you can enable a free trial (30 days at the time of writing, but it may be different when you read this) and you can use that free trial with any of my free maps to ensure you like the App and my maps before you spend any money.

At the end of the free trial of the App you will need to pay Memory-Map (the company) for continued use of their “Classic Map Compatibility” licence and the App will prompt you for payment at the end of that trial. You can ignore that prompt and you do not have to make payment, but the “Classic Map Compatibility” licence will stop working and their App will no longer open any of my maps.

Memory-Map are very kind allowing such a long free trial and I have no problem with the concept that they should receive payment for producing and maintaining the App after that. I don’t receive any share of that payment which covers Memory-Map’s costs.

Purchasing a Classic Map Compatibility Licence

You have a choice of ways to purchase a “Classic Map Compatibility” licence from Memory-Map (the company) which is required for their App to open my maps in Classic Map (qct) Format after the end of the free trial of the App.

The cheapest way is to purchase one of Memory-Map’s licences for Ordnance Survey (OS) Maps which include the “Classic Map Compatibility” option too. That way you not only get the very useful Ordnance Survey Map(s) of your choice but you get the “Classic Map Compatibility” licence included for no extra charge. Most (but not all) of these options include the “Classic Map Compatibility” licence so check the contents carefully before purchase to make sure you choose an option that does

You can also purchase the “Classic Map Compatibility” licence in other packages but this is NOT recommended (unless you specifically require any of the extra features in those packages) as it is more expensive and you don’t get any OS Maps.

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