Hollinwood Canal – Features

Distances are measured from Fairfield Junction with the Ashton Canal.

Kilometerage Feature
00.000 Fairfield Junction with the Ashton Canal.
00.230 Manchester Road Bridge.
00.590 Harrison’s Bridge.
00.955 Medlock Street Bridge.
01.255 Swing Bridge. Gone.
01.730 Footbridge over railway where aqueduct removed. Replacement aqueduct required for restoration.
01.870 Swing Bridge. Now a causeway.
02.240 Cinderland Bridge.
03.045 Swing Bridge. Now fixed.
03.160 Footbridge only crossing M60 Motorway.  New aqueduct required for restoration.
03.500 Stannybrook Road Bridge. Now a causeway.
03.740 Bridge
03.750 Dark (Waterhouses) Tunnel South Portal.  Now opened out into cutting.  Was 60m (66 yards) long.
03.820 Dark (Waterhouses) Tunnel North Portal.
03.920 Waterhouses Aqueduct.
03.995 Waterhouses Bottom Lock 19.  Derelict.
04.060 Waterhouses Lower Staircase Lock 20  Derelict.
04.090 Waterhouses Upper Staircase Lock 21  Derelict.
04.175 Waterhouses Top Lock 22  Derelict.
04.190 Swing Bridge.  Now a causeway.
Kilometerage Feature
04.200 Waterhouses (Fairbottom) Junction with Fairbottom Branch
04.285 Footbridge.
04.355 Aqueduct.
04.685 Crime Bridge.  Now a causeway.
04.900 New aqueduct required over M60 Motorway for restoration.
05.460 Cutler Hill Bridge. Now a causeway.
06.165 Street Bridge.  Now a causeway.
06.535 Bridge. Gone.
06.710 Bridge.  Gone.
06.815 Hollinwood Lock 23.  Gone.
06.945 Bridge.  Gone.
06.995 Hollinwood Lock 24.  Gone.
07.310 Manchester Road Bridge.  Gone.
07.350 Hollinwood Lock 25.  Gone.
07.470 Hollinwood Lock 26.  Gone.
07.540 Junction with Werneth Branch Canal.
Kilometerage Feature

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