Hollinwood Canal – Route

The Hollinwood Canal is derelict and navigation is no longer possible.  It ran to the east of Manchester, heading generally northwards from the Ashton Canal at Fairfield Junction.

The Fairbottom Branch ran to the east and the separate Werneth Branch Canal extended the route to the north.

Route of Hollinwood and Stockport Canals

Route of Hollinwood and Stockport Canals

The Hollinwood Canal initially runs through urban areas, then through open countryside until it returning to an urban environment as it reaches Hollinwood.

Key Features (when the canal was open)

Kilometers Miles Locks Bridges Hours
Fairfield Junction – Whitehouses (Fairbottom) Junction
4.2 2.6 4 3 2.0
Whitehouses (Fairbottom) Junction – Junction with Werneth Branch Canal
3.3 2.1 4 0 1.5
Junction with Werneth Branch Canal – End of Werneth Branch Canal
0.7 0.4 0 0 0.5
TOTAL (including Werneth Branch Canal)
8.2 5.1 8 3 4.0
NOTE: Bridges figures are for opening bridges (lift, swing etc.) which are normally closed across the navigation and low enough to require opening for a narrowboat.

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