Lapal Tunnel Entrance

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Lapal Tunnel entrance

Lapal Tunnel entrance

We’re standing on the line of the canal.  As the land rises ahead the canal would have entered a gradually deepening cutting and, about three quarters of the way through the grassed area, would have entered Lapal Tunnel.  It would have passed under the road which crosses from side to side at the far end of the grassed area.

The proposed new alignment for the Lapal Canal will take it towards the right hand side of the photo, climbing through a three lock staircase in the grassed area, and eventually passing over the top of the hill instead of through the tunnel.

Waterway and Kilometerage LAPAL 02.640
OS Grid Reference SP 01881 82871
Date and Time 150929 101759
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  1. Donna says:

    Who do I contact to get a plane of this tunnel due to sale of my property
    Thank you in advance

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