Memory-Map Downloads

You are seeing this page because you clicked on a link to download one of my maps in Memory-Map(qct) Format.

If you already have the Memory-Map App installed

The map should automatically download and open in the App. If it doesn’t, then try opening the App first, and clicking on the link again.

If you don’t have the Memory-Map App installed

You must have the Memory-Map App installed first, as explained on the page(s) you ordered from (or came from for the free maps).

You must download and install the Memory-Map App from Memory-Map (the company) first. Once you have the App working with one of the free trial maps that come with the App you should click on the original link from me to download my map again.

If the automatic downloading doesn’t work

The automatic downloading will work for most configurations on most devices, but it’s impossible to make it work everywhere every time. That’s why I point out the installation process can be tricky (especially on Apple devices) and say you should try one of my free maps before purchasing a map to make sure you can conquer the installation process.

You will need to follow the instructions for your type of device and download my map with this link, then install it manually.

Once you have conquered the installation process with one of my free maps you can use the same process to install any of my paid-for maps.


Please don’t order a paid-for map until you have successfully got one of my free maps working.