Map Formats

My Waterway Routes Cruising Maps are the most up do date maps available for the British canals and rivers.  All the maps are available in two formats:

  • Acrobat (pdf) format, and
  • Memory-Map (qct) format

They work on a range of devices including:

  • Androids
  • iPhones/iPads
  • Mac Computers
  • Windows Computers

Acrobat (pdf) Format

The maps in Acrobat (pdf) format are split into pages for printing at A4 or A5 size and for on screen viewing.

Advantages of the Acrobat (pdf) Format

  • The format is well known and supported
  • The software and apps are free and often installed already
  • The maps are split into pages
  • The maps are easy to print A4 or A5
  • The maps are easy to view on screen (a page at a time)

Disadvantages of the Acrobat (pdf) Format

  • There is no GPS tracking on smartphones
  • Requires lots of scrolling on small screens (like phones)
  • There are lots of pages to search and turn through (more than 1,000 for England & Wales Maps)

Read more about my Acrobat (pdf) format maps and how to install them.

Memory-Map (qct) Format

The maps in Memory-Map (qct) format have all the pages joined into one scrollable map with tracking (like satnav or Google Maps) on GPS enabled devices.

Advantages of the Memory-Map (qct) Format

  • Seamless scrolling through the whole map
  • Zoom in and out, to see more or less of the map
  • GPS tracking (like satnav or Google Maps) on GPS enabled devices
  • No turning through multiple pages
  • Memory-Map (qct) purchases include a free Acrobat (pdf) version of the same map for the best of both options

Disadvantages of the Memory-Map (qct) Format

  • Requires a two stage installation process
  • May require payment for software or app
  • Not ideal for printing (but just use the free Acrobat (pdf) version that comes with each Memory-Map (qct) version).

Read more about my Memory-Map (qct) format maps and how to install them.

Routes Covered

The maps cover the connected navigable waterways.  They are available for

Read more about my maps

Availability and Ordering

All the maps, for canals, rivers and cruising rings, in both Acrobat (pdf) and Memory-Map (qct) formats, can be ordered through this website for download.

All the maps for canals, rivers and cruising rings, can also be supplied on CD in a presentation box so they can be wrapped as a gift, or stored for your records.  The England & Wales Maps will be supplied on DVD as they are too large for a CD.

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