Map Upgrades

Upgrades are where you trade up to a larger or better map at a discounted price. For updating to the latest version of the same map please see my updates page.

Sometimes your needs change or, perhaps you like my maps so much you would now like more maps.

England & Wales Cruising Maps.

You can upgrade from:-

  • The Acrobat (pdf) to the Memory-Map (qct) version of the same map
  • An individual map (or maps) to the England & Wales Map

The price and discount will depend on the time since your original purchase.

During the first 6 months

This will be the difference in price between the map you purchased and the new map you would like to purchase.

From 6 months to 50 months (over 4 years) 

Extract from England & Wales Cruising Map

From 6 months up to 50 months (over 4 years) after purchase I give a gradually reducing discount to upgrade to the latest monthly issue. The price is calculated from the number of monthly issues since your purchase, at the rate of 2% of the normal price per month of ownership.

For example, if your original purchase was 20 months ago then I will give a discount from the new map price of 60% of the original purchase price 

Asking for your upgrade

Email & Postage

To obtain your upgraded map please email your request to with enough information for me to identify you original order, for example:-

  • If you purchased mail order:- then your name, address, postcode (and date or order number if possible)
  • If you purchased in person (at a show or from our boat):- then the serial number from the CD/DVD and the approximate date and place of purchase (and receipt number if possible).

I will email you a no obligation quotation and a discount code to use if you wish to proceed. Please note this is a manual process and may take a few days, although it is often the same day.

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