Froghall Tunnel

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Froghall Tunnel.
090917-134700 – – CALDON 26.685

Entering the western portal of the exceptionally low profile Froghall Tunnel on the Caldon Canal. We weren’t sure if the boat would fit through the tunnel so progress was extremely slow.

Froghall Tunnel.
090917-161100 – – CALDON 26.770

Inside the exceptionally low profile Froghall Tunnel. Many boats will not fit through this tunnel.

Froghall Tunnel.
090917-161000 – – CALDON 26.780

Entering the eastern portal of Froghall Tunnel. This was our return journey so we knew the boat would fit.

Eastern Portal of Froghall Tunnel.
090917-160900 – – CALDON 26.790
Eastern portal of Froghall Tunnel.
090917-160800 – – CALDON 26.800

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