Dalmuir Drop Lock

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Dalmuir Drop Lock
060807-145134 – NS 48459 71190 – FAC 04.520

Dalmuir Drop Lock was created when the canal was restored so boats could pass under Dumbarton Road without an opening bridge which would delay traffic on this very busy road.

Dalmuir Drop Lock
060808-104215 – NS 48459 71199 – FAC 04.520

Our crew member is allowed to push the buttons on the control panel under the supervision of one of the waterways staff.

Dalmuir Drop Lock
060808-104039 – NS 48459 71199 – FAC 04.520

Outward pointing lock gates at each end allow the water level between the gates to be lowered for boats to pass under the road.

Dalmuir Drop Lock
060808-104822 – NS 48485 71216 – FAC 04.570

After passing under the road the lock is refilled as the boat rises back to the same level is started at. A boom outside the gates at each end provides extra protection against an errant boat striking the gates and causing water to rush in while a boat is passing under the road.

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