Setup Androids with the Memory-Map App

Please note that I supply the maps, but not the App to use them. To use the Memory-Map (qct) version of my maps on an Android you will need an appropriate App installed. There’s a choice of two Apps for use on Androids.

This page covers the Memory-Map App which has the best range of features, but is the most expensive. Another page covers the AlpineQuest GPS Hiking App which provides fewer features at a lower price. The Memory-Map (qct) version of my maps works with each of these  Apps.

Setting up my maps with the Memory-Map App is a three stage process:-

  • Install the Memory-Map App and check that works
  • Install my free Droitwich Canals Map and check that works
  • Install more of my free or paid-for maps

Installing the Memory-Map App

In this step we we will install the Memory-Map App and check that works.

Visit Google’s Play Store to download and install the Memory-Map App.

This comes with free sample maps. Make sure the Memory-Map App runs on your Android and displays the free maps. If you have any problems getting the Memory-Map App running then please seek support from Memory-Map who produce the App. The Memory-Map support pages are very helpful.

Only proceed to the next step when you have the Memory-Map App installed and working.

Installing my free Droitwich Canals Map

Please note that, providing you have the memory-Map App already installed on your device the download link will try to download and open the map automatically, This is an experimental new feature and will give you the option to download the file as described below in case this doesn’t work.

In this step we will install my free Droitwich Canals Map and check that works. Make sure you have completed the previous step and have the Memory-Map App installed and working first.

Download my free Droitwich Canals Cruising Map in Memory-Map (qct) format on your Android.

It is essential you save the map into the Download\Memory-Map folder on your Android. This is the same folder on your Android as the free sample maps that came with the Memory-Map App are saved in. You may be able to download the map directly into that folder, or you may have to download it elsewhere and move it into that folder when the download is complete.

You can download the map directly to your Android using WiFi or Mobile signals, or you can download it to a computer and transfer it to your Android.

If you need to check where maps are stored on your Android then you may find it helpful to use another App to view the folders and their contents. The free Astro File Manager from Google’s Play Store is very useful for this, but there are many other similar applications which will also help with this.

Open the Memory-Map App on your Android and it should show one of the free sample maps that came with the App you installed in the first stage.

On the toolbar at the top of the screen select the “Maps” Icon (a set of stacked squares) to bring up the map menu. Use the “Map Types” button to ensure type “Cruising” is ticked and use the “More Maps” button to select “All Maps on Device”.

You should now see my free Droitwich Canals map listed. All my map names start with “WR” (for Waterway Routes) so they will be near the end of an alphabetical list. Select the map and it will start to load.

Somewhere during the last few steps (it will vary depending on which version of the App you have) you will be asked to enable the “Classic Map Compatibility Option” and offered a free trial. Select the free trial.

You should now have my free Droitwich Canals map on screen and you can scroll around and zoom in and out in the usual way. If you are near Droitwich the GPS tracking will work too.

At the end of the free trial for the “Classic Map Compatibility” option you will be asked for payment if you wish to continue using the App. If you choose not to make payment then the App will no longer work with my maps. That payment is collected by Memory-Map to cover their costs for developing and supporting the App and none of it comes to me.

Using my free Droitwich Canals map with the free trial of the Classic Map Compatibility option in the Memory-Map App allows you to check you can get my maps working on your Android before you spend any money.

Please make sure you test my maps work on your Android and you can conquer the installation process. Only proceed to the next step when you have my free Droitwich Canal map working on your Android.

Installing more of my free or paid-for maps

Once you have the free Droitwich Canals map working on your Android you can repeat the previous step to install more maps.

There are free maps to download from my website for many restoration projects and there are paid-for maps for the open waterways.

Please Remember

I supply the maps and I will provide support for the maps in the unlikely event of any problems.

I do NOT supply the Memory-Map App. That comes from Memory-Map, through Google’s Play Store, and you must seek help from Memory-Map in the event of any problems with their App.

My free Droitwich Canals map and the free trial of the App allow you to check everything works before you spend any money. Please don’t pay for any maps on my website until you have checked they work on your Android.

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  1. Andy says:


    I think AlpineQuest lite no longer supports accessing qct maps, not for me anyway (Sep 2018), and that checks with their list of differences at However the £7 price is modest….shouldn’t break the bank!

    Cheers Andy

    • Paul says:

      Andy: Thanks for letting me know about the change. I will update the support information accordingly

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