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England & Wales Cruising Map in Acrobat (pdf) Format

England & Wales Cruising Map in Acrobat (pdf) Format

All the Cruising Maps of England & Wales published by Waterway Routes in Acrobat (pdf) format.

Over 1,000 x full A4 pages of maps. Available by download or on a data DVD.

  1 x large Acrobat (pdf) file including all published maps
40 x small Acrobat (pdf) files for each open waterway (only on data DVD and NOT by download)

You will need Acrobat Reader (or equivalent) software loaded on your computer, or the Acrobat Reader App (or equivalent) loaded on your phone or tablet to use this map.

Please read about map formats and installation instructions and use the FREE Droitwich Canals Cruising Maps to test these work on your device before ordering.

The licence conditions permit you to use the map on up to five devices (computers, laptops, phones, tablets etc) for personal use only. Business licences are available on request.

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  • Downloading
  • Postage
  • DVDs

This is the Acrobat (pdf) format Cruising Map. There is also a Memory-Map (qct) version.

The map is available for download and you will receive a download link by email shortly after making payment.

The map is also available by post on a data DVD as it is a very large download (over 1Gb). The data DVD also includes 40 small maps covering for the open waterways which may be helpful to installl on a device with limited memory.

The map is split into A4 pages, ready for printing or viewing on screen.

Please read about map formats and installation instructions and use the FREE Droitwich Canals Cruising Maps to test these work on your device before ordering and ensure you can manage Memory-Map's tricky installation process.

The England & Wales Cruising Map covers all the routes coloured on this map.

When you order a map for download you will receive an email with the download link shortly after making payment.

Please check your junk email folders if it doesn't appear promptly as the download link can make it look like spam.

The download link will be valid for 48 hours. Your should download and save the map promptly.

WARNING: This is a very large file (over 1Gb) so make sure you have that much data available before downloading.

There is no postage when you order map for download only. We only charge postage when you order the map on DVD (when you will also receive the download links by email).

We aim to copy the DVD with the latest version of the maps and post within two working days, with orders received by 16:00 often posted the same day.

For the UK we send all our products by First Class post with the Post Office delivery aim of 1 to 3 working days (including Saturdays). For outside the UK we use Air Mail Post Services with the Post Office delivery aims varying from 3 to 15 working days.

Our postage charges vary depending on where the order is being sent and how many items are being sent. There is a postage charge for the first item, then an extra charge for each additional item. For example, ordering 3 items would incur 1 initial charge plus 2 additional charges.

The postage rates are:-

UK2.00 for the first item+ 1.00 for each additional item.
Europe4.50 for the first item+ 1.50 for each additional item.
Rest of World6.00 for the first item+ 2.50 for each additional item.

We also produce a range of DVDs with lots of navigation advice in a choice of formats which are available separately.


1. The download link sent by email will be for the England & Wales Map only. The individual maps are not included in the download and they are only available on the data DVD.

2. The map is very large (over 1Gb) so do not download unless you have that much data spare. If you order the data DVD by post you can just ignore the download link to avoid using any data.

Ref: 01M1

Price: 49.00

Choose how to receive the map
by Download only (+£0)
by Post on DVD and by Download (+£1 +Postage)