Map Updates – October 2015 – Issue 43

I’ve just published the October 2015 updates for our maps of canals and rivers.

Our England & Wales map is now at Issue 43 with the monthly updates.  These include the changes we have identified ourselves by cruising along the canal or cycling the towpaths.  They also include changes reported by other boaters, including several regular contributors, with a big thank you to them.

Caldon Canal Map Extract
Caldon Canal Map Extract

The Caldon Canal map is just one example which was updated after I cycled the full length of the canal, including the Leek Branch.

When you obtain a map from us you not only get the most up to date maps to start with but you the first year of updates by download are included so you can keep them up to date.  A small fee (20% per year) will enable you to keep them up to date for future years too. Compare that with printed books that start to go out of date the day they go to the printers – which could be several months or even years out of date when you buy them – and where you have to pay full price again for the next issue which will already be a few months out of date by the time its printed again.

This month we have significant updates to the following maps – and it’s unlikely these updates will be in any of the printed books, and probably won’t be for some time.

England & Wales

Aire & Calder and Calder & Hebble Navigations Maps
Ashton and Peak Forest Canals Maps
Birmingham & Fazeley Canal Maps
Birmingham Canal Navigations (BCN) Maps
Bridgewater Canal Maps
Caldon Canal Maps
Chesterfield Canal Maps
Coventry Canal Maps
Grand Union Canal Maps
Leeds & Liverpool Canal Maps
Oxford Canal Maps
River Avon (Stratford) Maps
River Weaver Maps
Sheffield & South Yorkshire Navigations Maps
Shropshire Union Canal Maps
Stratford upon Avon Canal Maps
Trent & Mersey Canal Maps
Worcester & Birmingham Canal Maps

Avon Ring Maps
Birmingham Mini Ring Maps
Black Country Ring Maps
Cheshire Ring Maps
East Midlands (Leicester) Ring Maps
Four Counties Ring Maps
Mid Worcestershire (Droitwich) Ring Maps
South Pennine Ring Maps
Stourport Ring Maps
Warwickshire Ring Maps

A few other maps have minor updates too.

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