Canal Shop Sale

A double sale opportunity.

Neil’s Canal Shop has been the largest outlet for my DVDs for many years.  He sells a great range of canal products from many suppliers.

Canal Shop Banner

Neil is retiring and closing down the Canal Shop.

First Sale Opportunity

Your first opportunity is the 20% discount that Neil is offering on many products, including my Waterway Routes DVDs, while stocks last.

Now might be a good time to order your Christmas presents but make sure you get there first, as Neil will not be re-stocking when they run out.  They will always be available from my website after that.

Second Sale Opportunity

Your second opportunity is the Canal Shop itself.  Neil will consider offers to buy the Canal Shop.  The Canal Shop is a thriving mail order business with an excellent customer base and a good reputation.

As a mail order business you can run this from almost anywhere and you will be starting with a ready made business.  Email Neil at the Canal Shop for more details.

Note: this is Neil’s Canal Shop mail order business that is for sale, not Waterway Routes which continues to grow and trade as normal.

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