Map Updates – Issue 82 – November 2018

I am pleased to say monthly updates for my maps for November 2018 are now available.

All these monthly updates mean you not only start with an up to date map but you can keep them up to date too.

Extract from Llangollen Canal Map in November 2018.

All the maps have updates this month as Ordnance Survey (OS) have just released a new background map so that has updates even if there are no updates to the waterways.  I had just prepared issue 81 of my maps when the OS released the update so I prepared a new set of updated maps with the new OS background maps as issue 82 which explains the jump in issue number from 80 to 82 between October and November.

The maps with the most significant changes to the waterway information are:-

You can update your map to the latest version – cost price for the next six issues after purchase, then a discounted charge after that.  You can also upgrade to a larger map.  Just email with details of your existing maps for a no obligation quote.

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