End of the Runcorn & Weston Canal

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The end of the Runcorn & Weston Canal

The end of the Runcorn & Weston Canal

The Runcorn & Weston Canal once came along the line of this road from the River Weaver Navigation, forming a junction at the camera position.  There are proposals to restore both Runcorn Old Locks and the Runcorn & Weston Canal to provide new cruising opportunities.

Waterway and Kilometerage BRIDGEW 45.855
OS Grid Reference SJ 50489 83094
Date and Time 151229 091819
Copyright © Paul Balmer

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  1. Tony Markey says:

    If you truly wish to see this fantastic redevelopment opportunity occur, you must stop the ridiculous proposal for new housing on the old college site.
    I think if this goes through it will ruin any future redevelopment opportunity.

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