St Helens Canal Maps

Free Maps These are my free maps covering the St Helens Canal. Download these free maps (from the links at the end) to see how good my maps are, and to check you can install them on your device(s). All    Continue reading St Helens Canal Maps

Open section of St Helens Canal

< Next St Helens Canal Next > < Warrington Widnes > Lots of moored boats on the open section of the St Helens Canal. Waterway and Kilometerage HELENS 05.650 OS Grid Reference SJ 56196 86610 Date and Time 151229 120538 Copyright © Paul Balmer

Penketh Swing Bridge

< Next St Helens Canal Next > < Warrington Widnes > Penketh Swing Bridge is another bridge now fixed across the canal. Waterway and Kilometerage HELENS 06.370 OS Grid Reference SJ 56801 86987 Date and Time 151229 121044 Copyright © Paul Balmer

Sankey Way Bridge

< Next St Helens Canal Next > < Warrington Widnes > Sankey Way will require raising to create navigation clearances. Waterway and Kilometerage HELENS 09.095.01 OS Grid Reference SJ 58976 88214 Date and Time 151229 124941 Copyright © Paul Balmer

High Level Footbridge

< Next St Helens Canal Next > < Warrington Widnes > Another footbridge already high enough for navigation, above a channel looking ready for navigation. Waterway and Kilometerage HELENS 09.565.02 OS Grid Reference SJ 59058 88663 Date and Time 151229 125258 Copyright © Paul Balmer

Dry Dock

< Next St Helens Canal Next > < Earlestown Warrington > Looking into the dry dock from the lift bridge.  Boats would have been maintained in here, after the water had been let out through sluices, into the Sankey Brook.  Ironically the dry dock is    Continue reading Dry Dock

Below Hey Lock

< Next St Helens Canal Next > < Earlestown Warrington > Approaching Hey Lock from below. Waterway and Kilometerage HELENS 15.400 OS Grid Reference SJ 58233 93729 Date and Time 151229 135918 Copyright © Paul Balmer

Bradley Lock, from below

< Next St Helens Canal Next > < Earlestown Warrington > Bradley Lock, viewed from below, showing a small rise in canal level. Waterway and Kilometerage HELENS 16.625 OS Grid Reference SJ 57399 94406 Date and Time 151229 140637 Copyright © Paul Balmer

Bradley Lock Stonework

< Next St Helens Canal Next > < Earlestown Warrington > Bradley Lock has interesting holes in the stonework.  I expect someone knows what they were for. Waterway and Kilometerage HELENS 16.680.01 OS Grid Reference SJ 57338 94433 Date and Time 151229 140733 Copyright © Paul Balmer