Bradley Lock Stonework

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Interesting holes in the stonework at Bradley Lock

Interesting holes in the stonework at Bradley Lock

Bradley Lock has interesting holes in the stonework.  I expect someone knows what they were for.

Waterway and Kilometerage HELENS 16.680.01
OS Grid Reference SJ 57338 94433
Date and Time 151229 140733
Copyright © Paul Balmer

5 Responses

  1. Brian Lund says:

    Hi Paul, wikipedia, putlog holes, ancient scaffolding method used in castle building also ?

  2. Brian Lund says:

    Hi Paul. I know nill about canal construction but did notice the curved entrance stones at the old double locks higher up also had these square holes in them, intriguing ?

    • Paul says:

      It’s possible they were used to insert wooden planks across the lock as a form of scaffolding for maintenance or even for the original construction.

  3. Brian Lund says:

    Mounting holes for “fenders” to stop the barges rubbing up against the stonework ?

    • Paul says:

      It’s unlikely as boats normally fill the full width of the lock with just an inch or two to spare so there wouldn’t be room for fenders whether attached to the boat or the lock, but anything is possible.

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