River Avon (Stratford) Cruising Map for Download

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This is a downloadable River Avon (Stratford) Cruising Map in a choice of formats. See tabs (below) for licencing, installation and software requirements.

Acrobat (pdf): This has 19 x A4 map pages plus 4 cover pages.  Approximate download size is 13Mb.

Memory-Map (qct): This has all the map pages joined into one continuous scrollable map with GPS tracking.  Approximate download size is 14Mb.  This includes a copy of the Acrobat (pdf) version.  See Memory-Map (qct) tab (below) for special installation and software requirements (and Memory-Map’s pricing) before ordering.

Avon Navigation Trust

The Avon Navigation Trust (ANT), the charity responsible for navigation on the River Avon, has worked with Waterway Routes to make these maps free to download.   The normal charge for downloading the maps would be £4.00 for the Acrobat (pdf) version and £6.40 for the Memory-Map (qct) version.  The ANT are kindly covering these charges so we can make the maps free to download. They will be free to download until at least 31st March 2022.  If the arrangements are successful then we are likely to continue the arrangements, otherwise they will revert to the normal prices after that.

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These maps work on Windows, Android, iPhone/iPad and Mac devices providing they have the appropriate App/Software installed.

The licence conditions permit you to use the map on up to five devices (computers, laptops, phones, tablets etc) for personal use. Business licences are available on request.

Shortly after making payment you will receive the download link on screen and by email.  Please check your junk mail folders if the email doesn’t appear promptly as your spam filter may have mistaken the download link for spam.

The download link will be valid for 6 months and you can use it to download any monthly updates which are issued during that time.

Please use the free examples to see how good my maps are and check you can conquer the download and installation process before ordering.


Each map covers the route shown in orange, including:-

  • River Avon (Stratford)

Acrobat (pdf)

Example pages from my range of maps.

You must have Acrobat Reader (or equivalent) App/Software installed to use my maps in Acrobat (pdf) Format.

Acrobat (pdf) Format maps are split into A4 pages.  They can viewed a page at a time on screen, or printed on your own printer.  They are designed to be printed A4 size and, if your eyesight is good enough, they can be printed A5.  They can be printed A3 if you need a larger print size.

You can read more about using my maps in Acrobat (pdf) Format.

Memory-Map (qct)

Examples from my range of maps.

You must have the Memory-Map App/Software installed to use my maps in Memory-Map (qct) Format.  That App/Software must have the Classic Map Compatibility option enabled and you will have to pay Memory-Map (the company) for that.

Please use the free examples to check Memory-Map’s pricing (after using their initial free trial period) and ensure you can conquer Memory-Map’s tricky installation process (which is especially difficult on Apple products) before ordering.

The maps will track in real time on GPS enabled devices so you know exactly where you are.  You can save tracks, routes and waypoints with the Memory-Map software.

You can scroll around the whole map and zoom in and out as required.

Map Support

You can download the key separately if required.  It is included as the last page on every Acrobat (pdf) map and shown at intervals on the Memory-Map (qct) Maps.

You can read more about using my maps on each type of device.  These pages are intended to provide general information only and may not be up to date for the latest versions of the App/Software.  You will need to follow the instructions from the supplier of the App/Software you are using and seek help from them if you are having problems with their App/Software.

Please note that I only supply the map and I will offer help in the unlikely event of any problems with my map.  If you are having problems using an App/Software then you must seek help from the supplier of that App/Software.  Please use my free maps to check you can conquer the download and installation process (which is particularly tricky on Apple devices) before purchasing any of my maps.


9 reviews for River Avon (Stratford) Cruising Map for Download

  1. Roger Hill (verified owner)

    This map is very useful. Thank you and thanks to the ANT for making it free to download.

  2. William Shepard (verified owner)

    Easy to download and print what you want, full of useful information.

  3. Peter Stockwell (verified owner)

    This is a very clear and useful up-to-date map – perfect for using alongside my old Nicholson’s guide. Also freely available at the moment, and in pdf format so you can select which parts you really need.

  4. Julie Hando (verified owner)

    Excellent free map. Thanks. It will be very useful.

  5. Andy Fry (verified owner)

    Superb quality map with everything you want to know – clear, concise and for free!

  6. Jason Tyrer (verified owner)

    Excellent map very useful and for free. Thank you so much !!

  7. David Taylor (verified owner)

    Perfect and currently free. Thanks Paul and ANT 🙂

  8. Gordon Coppock (verified owner)

    The Avon Map seems to be really clear and useful. Will be considering more maps to download

  9. Sam Kirkham (verified owner)

    This map was an excellent aid and extremely useful on our trip on The Avon this summer. Downloaded it to both mine and my partners phone and also printed it out. Invaluble in the planning of our cruise and used it daily to refer on whilst on The Avon.Thank you and the ANT for making this available,especially for no fee.

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