Upgrade to the Memory-Map (qct) version

Acrobat (pdf) version has individual pages

Owners of the Acrobat (pdf) version of my maps already have a great map.

You also have the opportunity to upgrade to the even better Memory‑Map (qct) version of the same map at a discounted price.

Advantages of the Memory-Map (qct) version

The Memory-Map version has several advantages, including:-

Example Phone
  • The individual map pages of the Acrobat (pdf) version are joined into one large map which you can scroll around easily.
  • You can zoom in and out, to see more or less of the map.
  • GPS tracking on devices like phones and tablets with GPS enabled to see exactly where you are.
  • No turning through multiple pages to follow your cruise.

Which devices will the maps work on?

Example Laptop or Computer

The Memory‑Map (qct) version runs on:-

  • Android phones and tablets
  • iPhones and iPads
  • Windows computers and laptops
  • Apple computers and laptops

with the correct Memory-‑Map App or Software installed.

How to upgrade?

  • Read more details about my Maps in Memory‑Map (qct) format.
  • Use the free maps there to check you can install and run them on your device(s)
  • Email me at paul@waterwayroutes.co.uk with enough information to identify your order, such as name, address, order number, map purchased etc.
  • I will email you a no obligation quote with a discount code and link to follow if you wish to upgrade.
  • The cost will be the difference in price between the Acrobat (pdf) and the Memory‑Map (qct) versions for the first six months after purchase, and a discounted price to upgrade between six months and five years..

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